10 Best Practices - Scorecard

Are you employing the Top 10 Best Practices for your employee benefits? Use the handy checklist below to have an open dialogue with your team.
Is your organization getting the best value for each line of benefits?
Do you know what’s your overall catastrophic risk that could occur in your group?
Are you utilizing the best administration technology to manage your plan?
Have your organization introduced wellness initiatives to your corporate culture to lower your health care costs?
Is your organization getting the frequency and quality of service, including regular touch points to monitor the results?
Is your organization getting more value for less money out of your benefits plan, such as FREE value-added programs?
Are employing today’s best practices for absenteeism management to optimize management of employee’s disabilities?
Have you recently compared your current program to your competition? To evaluate from a recruit, reward and retain point of view?
Are you receiving adequate level of reporting in order to actively manage and understand your benefits plan?
Are you engaging employees to help them to actively participate in the management of your plan?